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Long Island Home Inspectors

Home inspection is the process of examining a home for finding problems and is usually made when the owner of the home wants to sell it. Not only the seller can ask for an inspection, but also a potential buyer who wants to make sure the home that is about to be acquired is in good condition. All the parts of the structure will be verified: foundation, roof, heating systems, cooling systems, electrical equipment, plumbing systems, etc. The inspector searches for any damage signs, fire hazards and other risk factors that could be detrimental to both the seller and the buyer of the home.

In the past, a home inspector was that guy with dirty clothes who came to a home in a pickup truck, looked at the home just a little bit and then gave the homeowner few handwritten tips on a piece of paper. Today, things are totally different, because the construction business is much more complicated. People who want to be successful in the home inspection business must educate themselves a lot because every aspect of this job is professional: the appearance of the inspector, the inspection itself, the report provided to the homeowner/buyer and so on.

Following this pattern, our home inspection experts are educated and experienced, having all the skills that are needed for providing a multitude of services in the Long Island area – see list here : advancedhomeinspectionsllc.com/long-island/. They can offer verbal and written reports that will help buyers or sellers to make the right decision during a home sale. If you wonder why a home inspection is so necessary, here is the answer:

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Why a Home Inspection Is Needed?

Experts say that any home sale should be preceded by a home inspection and there are many reasons for this. An inspection can provide details about a home’s condition and the buyer will know exactly what to deal with. Another thing that can be revealed during an evaluation is safety. Safety is a major concern for anyone who buys a home. Inspections also include testing for various hazards. While the first examination is visual, the main focus of verification is not the construction’s aesthetics, but its performance. In other words, the home must be functional, usable and safe.

A home inspection is beneficial for buyers, as it helps them to avoid any surprises in the future. Buyers don’t want to pay any additional sums others than what they pay when they buy the home. Inspectors can identify and analyze every single problem and provide advice to buyers so that the best decision can be reached regarding the purchase. A report is sent when the inspection is finished. It contains a list of the problems that were detected. The buyer can see this report and negotiate the price.

Areas of the Home that Are Evaluated

The structure of the building and the foundation are inspected. This includes framing systems, basement, insulation, garage, chimney, ventilation systems, crawlspace and other parts of the building’s structure. The attic is inspected for pest control, lighting, structural integrity and water penetration. Components of the home’s interior, such as floor, ceiling, doors and walls are checked too. Various systems of the building are checked: electrical systems, domestic water heaters, heating systems, air conditioning systems, or plumbing systems. The exterior parts of the buildings are roofs, patios, decks, windows, landscaping and others. They are inspected as well.

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Examples of Problems that Can Be Found During an Inspection

In the kitchen, some pipes could have leaks. The sink may not have the adequate water flow. Most problems are related to everything that is found under the sink and to any cabinets and appliances that are normally found in the kitchen. In the bathroom, the toilet and the shower must function properly. The roof should not have any decay, cracks, mold, missing shingles, or rust. The exterior part of the building should be without cracks, curling, decay, vines, loose siding, etc.

How We Can Help

No matter if you are moving to Long Island or you live here already and you want to buy a home in the area, you should contact us and ask for our Long Island home inspection services, as this will help you to avoid any trouble related to the acquisition of a new home. Our company Home Inspector Experts has inspectors who work and operate as NYS licensed home inspectors out of Long Island, NY. These experts are licensed, insured and certified. You can book for an inspection at any time. You can request a free estimate and get reports the same day.


What Services Do We Provide?

Forensic Thermal Screening – This is a process in which an entire home is scanned using a thermal imaging camera. Areas that are scanned can be plumbing, electrical, structural and mechanical systems. Problems that are hidden to the naked eye can be seen in this way.

Cesspool Certification – Cesspool certification in Long Island, NY is a private sewage system certification that involves the inspection of sewage systems and offering a report after.

Residential Single Family Inspection – The home is checked for meeting any residential requirements, which means that it must be perfectly suitable for a family.

Multi-Family Inspection – The building is checked for meeting the requirements of multiple families.

Condo and Co-op Inspection – This type of inspection is required for revealing all the details of a building, including its life expectancy. A detailed report is offered after this evaluation is made.

Pre-purchase and Pre-sale Inspection – Inspectors with experience can inspect a building before and after a sale is made.

Termite Inspection – While many homeowners may not be aware of this, termites can do more damage than weather-related problems like floods and storms.

Insurance Claim Inspection – A home inspection includes the inspection of insurance claims and offers a report of the insurance’s validity and conditions.

Windstorm Inspection Services – Windows Inspections Services are offered as well, according to NYS requirements.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field) Testing – Many homeowners are not aware of the presence of electromagnetic fields in their homes and of the dangers that they can be exposed to. An EMF inspection can solve this problem.

EIFS (Exterior Insulation Finish Systems) Moisture Testing – EIFS moisture testing is used for verifying the level of moisture and the presence of water in a home.

Others services are commercial building inspection (for commercial buildings) and load calculation (for calculating the load that a building can support).

Where Do We Provide the Services?
We cover everything that is required and needed by home sellers and home buyers in all the main areas of Long Island like Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County and Suffolk County. For Nassau County, our home inspection services are covering all towns and cities. The main cities and towns in Nassau County are these: Glen Cove, Long Beach, Hempstead, North Hempstead and Oyster Bay. For Suffolk County, the following areas are covered: Islip, Babylon, Smithtown, Huntington, Brookhaven, Riverhead, Southampton, Shelter Island and East Hampton.
Bottom Line
A home inspector expert is for a home like a doctor is for a patient. Any “disease” that the home may have can be “diagnosed” and “treated” while it is still not too late. This procedure is a crucial part of any home selling or buying activity, as it can ensure better relations between sellers and buyers. If you want to optimize your spending on an inspection and use the services of an experienced team of experts, Home Inspection Experts can help you.
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